Why MentDrive? 



Test MentDrive Software and you will soon notice the benefits in all the efficiency and time you will gain. and you will soon notice the benefits in all the efficiency and time you will gain.

Time is nowadays currency. MentDrive offers you and your employees more time by reducing the duration the qualified personnel allocates for the maintenance and audit with 20%.

Due to the fact that we work in a market that continuously automatizes itself, MentDrive helps you keep up. The predictive maintenance software 100% automatize your maintenance activities.

Success means COSTS Streamline

Careful monitoring of the involved technicians and subcontractors in the maintenance process.

One of the challenges often encountered in our experience is the careful monitoring of the maintenance process.

Whether they are performed by in-house personnel or by the external one, MentDrive allows you to cautiously and certainly monitor the technicians involved in the process.

How does it work?

MentDrives saves in its database all the performed maintenance operations, including GPS coordinates of the place where the maintenance activity is taking place. Therefore you can manage to validate the execution of the involved activities in real time.

Fast intervention in case of any signaled defections. With the Mobile version very easy to use by any of the responsible persons with the signalizing the defections, MentDrive Mobile allows them to notify any defection no matter the level of urgency.

How does it work?

The defection is recorded and transmitted to the corrective maintenance process for an immediate solution.

Easy and efficient

The involved personnel is notified concerning the planning of the maintenance activities
The maintenance activities will be communicated fast and efficiently for each equipment or machine

  • Each role is correctly assessed
  • Time is clear
  • The tasks are clarified
  • Nobody will ever miss any detail

Implemented functionalites

  • The management of the equipments / machinery in the inventory including their performance in physical locations (GPS coordinates) and QR Code.
  • The management of the maintenance procedures and operations for each equipment recorded. Defined procedures:Scheduled: repeatable in timeMetrical: e.g.: according to the hours of use of the equipment
  • The maintenance activities planning and their calendar
  • Warehouse: the management of the consumables and spare parts inventories used in the maintenance process
  • Functionality type “Dashboard” where the personnel with certain roles can see the current status of the maintenance process.
  • The management of the technicians and subcontractors involved in the maintenance processes
  • The maintenance activities planning and their calendar
  • The management of the preventive (Work-Orders) and correctiv (interventions) maintenance activities
  • Mobile application for the facilitation of any type of maintenance activities reporting